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Tapsalteerie illustration by Amy Sadovsky. From left to right: Meredith Beardmore on flute, Timothy Franklin on guitar, Maddison Carter on drums, and Isaac Gunnoo on double bass.


Melbourne-based folk quartet

Illustration by Amy Sadovsky

tap/sal/teerie [′tɑpsəl′tiri]

  1. adv. Topsy-turvy (Scottish Gaelic, Ayr. 1783 Burns Green Grow the Rashes)

  2. n. Melbourne-based prog folk quartet

A melting-pot of celtic flute, country music, blues guitar, with the energy and free spirit of a bushdance, and a 90’s attitude, stirred by four consummate musicians. Groove-based original music paying homage to sounds, experiences, people, and places.

Sounds like: if Michael McGoldrick, Chris Norman, and Liz Carroll were playing an Ed Reavy tune accompanied by Jimi Hendrix, James Jamerson, and Brian Blade.

Origin: Wurundjeri and Wurundjeri-Willum country.


Sunday 19 May

Drunken Poet, West Melbourne

6.30pm-8.30pm, free entry

Friday 7 June - Monday 10 June

National Celtic Festival, Portarlington

10.30am Saturday 8 June, St Patrick's Church

7.55pm Saturday 8 June, Club Room 

Check out the awesome line-up & get your tickets:



Praise for debut album, Moonglade:

   "...the superb Moonglade, an album that showcases masterful instrumentation and musicianship,
bringing songs to life in a unique and unforgettable manner."

(Aldora Britain Records, Issue 87)


Meredith Beardmore  
A photo of Meredith Beardmore with her back to the camera. She is glancing towards the right.
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